McLure & Vinsula, Kamloops, B.C. Real Estate

The areas Vinsula and McLure are located 25 minutes or approximately 48 kilometers north of the city of Kamloops. Vinsula is located minutes after the Sun Peaks Resort exit in Heffley Creek (33 Kilometers from Kamloops). The area of McLure follows Vinsula and is about 48 kilometers north of Kamloops or 23 kilometers south of Barriere.

These areas mainly consist of small acreages, farms, ranches and some smaller residential parcels. McLure and Vinsula are bordered by the North arm of the Thompson River. McLure is the home of Kamloops’ only river ferry. This small ferry transports vehicles between McLure and the northern area of Westsyde. Access to the ferry is off of McLure Ferry Road that intersects with the Yellowhead Highway #5. The ferry has a load capacity of two vehicles or 12 passengers.

Properties & Real Estate

Properties in the areas of McLure and Vinsula mainly consist of small to large acreages. These areas are split by the Yellowhead Highway #5 and are easily accessible from the Highway. Most properties sit near to the North Thompson River in the valley between the river to the west and hills to the east. There are some properties located along dirt roads in McLure and Vinsula such as Vinsula Knouff Lake Road. There are some smaller properties that are one acre in size or smaller and they are on mainly Pinegrove Road in McLure. Smaller acreages are found on Walterdale Road, Glengrove Road, McLure Ferry Road and Kealty Road to name a few. The remainder of the properties in the area are quarter sections or larger that house livestock or grow hay.

There are not any multi-family properties, mobile home parks or smaller residential lots in these areas.

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Main shopping is in the city of Kamloops and is within a 25 to 30 minute drive. There is a restaurant in McLure, a small gas station and convenience store in Heffley (5 to 10 minutes from McLure/Vinsula), a small seasonal corner store at the Pinegrove Camp Ground (open Spring/Summer) and a gas station/convenience store in Rayleigh (10 to 15 minutes). There is also a fruit stand that is located on the corner of McLure Ferry Road and the Yellowhead Highway #5.


Students who live in the McLure and Vinsula area attend the Heffley Creek Elementary school or one of many high schools in Kamloops. There is school bus service from McLure and Vinsula and not all children attend school in Heffley as some parents choose to send them to other schools in the area such as Rayleigh Elementary. To view further information about schools click here.


There are many outdoors activities to enjoy in this region. Hiking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, motor sports such as dirt biking, ATVing or snowmobiling, trail riding, fishing and more. This area is very close to many fishing lakes such as Knouff Lake, Heffley Lake and Sullivan Lake. Big Heffley Lake is also within 20 minutes where watersports are enjoyed in the warmer months and ice fishing, snowmobiling and cross country skiing in the winter months.

McLure and Vinsula are within 30 minutes of Sun Peaks resort which is an all seasons resort with downhill skiing/snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. Many lakes are also very close for swimming, fishing and boating.

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