Heffley Creek, Heffley Lake and Knouff (Sullivan) Lake, Kamloops, B.C. Real Estate

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Heffley Creek Kamloops Real EstateHeffley Creek is a community that is located 20 minutes north of the Kamloops city centre and five minutes from Rayleigh. There are numerous communities that comprise this area: Heffley Creek, Heffley Lake, Knouff (Sullivan) Lake and Whitecroft. Elementary students attend Heffley Creek Elementary School.

The Heffley Creek area is dominated by acreage and farms. There is a mobile home park near the Thompson River on Station road and a few single Heffley Creek, Kamloops, BCfamily homes on smaller lots. Some parts of Heffley Creek run along the Thompson river where a number of beautiful riverfront acreage and farm properties exist. There is not anything in the way of shopping in the Heffley area besides the small convenience store on the old #5 highway. Residents have to do their shopping in Kamloops.

Heffley Lake, Kamloops Real EstateHeffley lake is a beautiful lake located off Heffley-Louis Creek Road and Todd Mountain Road 44 kilometers from Kamloops. This lake is on the way to Sun Peaks resort. There are numerous waterfront properties on this lake. The homes and cabins range in size and age. There are a number of old cabins that are used in the summer months and beautiful homes overlooking the lake used year round. Heffley lake is a mid sized lake that does allow motor boats, water skiing and wake boarding. This lake is 7.2 kilometers long, 550 acres in size and ranges from 6 to 30 meters deep. Fly fishers find rainbow trout in this lake between May and late July. There are two parts of Heffley Lake – Little Heffley Lake and Big Heffley Lake. Big Heffley is predominantly the lake for motor boats and many lakefront properties. There are two resorts on Heffley Lake as well as a BC Forestry campsite. Some of the streets that surround Heffley Heffley Creek, Kamloops Homes for SaleLake are Lakeshore Road, Lower Heffley Lake Road, Shaw Road, Fisher Road, Lake Bay Road and Heffley Lake Road. For more information about Heffley Lake waterfront properties click here.

Knouff (Sullivan) Lake, Kamloops, B.C.Knouff Lake also known as Sullivan Lake is located north of Heffley Lake about 25 minutes from Heffley Creek (Yellowhead Highway #5 at Todd Mountain Road). The lake is 254.4 acres in size with a mean depth of 9.8 meters and a max depth of 24.1 meters. Knouff Lake is a small community that is still relatively undeveloped and accessed by a well maintained dirt and gravel road. There are a number of building lots and homes on Knouff lake. The area is dominated by single family homes and cabins. Gas powered motors are not permitted on this lake therefore neither is waterskiing and wakeboarding. Electric powered motors are permitted allowing small boats to troll the lake. Canoeing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, snowmobiling, ice fishing, hunting, cross country skiing, skating and camping are popular activies on Knouff lake. There is one resort on this lake as well as a BC Forestry campsite with RV access and a boat launch.  Some of the roads found in the Knouff Lake area are: Doyle Road, Knouff Lake Road, McCully Road and Finlay Road. For further information about Knouff (Sullivan) Lake properties click here.

Whitecroft is a small neighbourhood that sits at the foot of Sun Peaks. Upper Louis Creek Road, Cahilty Crescent, Cahilty Place and McGillivaray Creek Road make up the small community of Whitecroft. Many people that are interested in Sun Peaks real estate, but choose to be out of the village area often to look at real estate options in Whitecroft. The homes in this area are more affordable with more square footage in comparison to the homes in Sun Peaks. It is a five to ten minute drive from Whitecroft to the hills of Sun Peaks and 20 minutes east from Heffley Creek.

The area Heffley covers is a large region north of the Kamloops city centre. A number of communities comprise this area. Click here for real estate listings in the Heffley area.

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