7 Compelling Reasons Why Buying a Home Trumps Renting in Kamloops

Are you torn between the age-old debate of buying versus renting a home in Kamloops? While renting may offer short-term flexibility, purchasing a home could be a smarter long-term financial move, especially in a thriving city like Kamloops. In this post, we’ll delve into seven compelling reasons why buying a home in Kamloops is a wiser choice compared to renting.

  1. Equity Build-Up: When you rent a home, you’re essentially paying someone else’s mortgage, with no return on investment. However, when you buy a home in Kamloops, each mortgage payment contributes to building equity in your property. Over time, as property values typically appreciate, you stand to gain substantial equity, offering financial security and potential for future investments.
  2. Stable Housing Costs: Rent prices in Kamloops, like in many cities, can fluctuate unpredictably due to market conditions and landlord decisions. By contrast, when you buy a home with a fixed-rate mortgage, you lock in stable housing costs, allowing for better budgeting and financial planning over the long haul.
  3. Potential Rental Income: Homeownership offers the flexibility to generate rental income if you have extra space in your property. Whether it’s renting out a basement suite or a spare bedroom, becoming a landlord can help offset mortgage costs and increase your cash flow. In a city like Kamloops, with a growing population and demand for rental properties, this can be a lucrative opportunity for homeowners.
  4. Freedom to Customize: One of the perks of homeownership is the freedom to personalize and customize your living space to your liking. Whether it’s painting the walls, renovating the kitchen, or landscaping the backyard, owning a home allows you to make changes that reflect your style and preferences, enhancing your overall quality of life.
  5. Long-Term Investment: Real estate in Kamloops has historically shown steady appreciation, making it an attractive long-term investment. Buying a home allows you to capitalize on this appreciation potential, potentially yielding substantial returns over time. Moreover, owning real estate provides a hedge against inflation, as property values tend to rise in tandem with inflation rates.
  6. Sense of Community: When you buy a home, you’re not just purchasing a property; you’re investing in a community. Homeownership fosters a sense of belonging and stability, as you become part of a neighborhood and engage with local amenities, schools, and organizations. Building strong community ties can enrich your life and provide invaluable social support networks.
  7. Retirement Nest Egg: Finally, owning a home in Kamloops can serve as a valuable retirement asset. By the time you retire, your mortgage may be paid off, and you’ll have a substantial asset that can supplement your retirement income or be passed down to future generations. With proper financial planning, homeownership can contribute significantly to your long-term financial security and peace of mind.

While renting may offer short-term flexibility, buying a home in Kamloops, presents numerous long-term financial and lifestyle benefits. From building equity and stable housing costs to tax advantages and community engagement, homeownership offers a path to financial security and personal fulfillment. So why wait? Take the plunge into homeownership and secure your future in beautiful Kamloops.

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Compelling Reasons Why Lower Mainland Residents Love Relocating to Kamloops, BC!

Thinking about leaving the hustle and bustle of Lower Mainland behind? Consider the tranquil charm of Kamloops! Here are 5 reasons why this picturesque city is capturing the hearts of those seeking a change:

  1. Breath-Taking Scenery: Escape the concrete jungle and embrace Kamloops’ stunning natural beauty. From rolling hills to majestic mountains, and pristine lakes to winding rivers, Kamloops offers a breathtaking backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
  2. Affordable Living: Bid farewell to sky-high housing costs and hello to affordability! Kamloops boasts a more manageable cost of living compared to its metropolitan counterparts. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, you’ll find a range of housing options that won’t break the bank.
  3. Thriving Community Spirit: Say goodbye to anonymity and hello to community connection! Kamloops prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere and strong sense of community. Whether you’re attending local events, exploring cultural festivals, or joining clubs and organizations, you’ll quickly feel like a valued member of the Kamloops family.
  4. Outdoor Recreation Paradise: Trade traffic jams for trailblazing and city noise for serene outdoor adventures! Kamloops offers endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, biking, skiing, fishing, and more. With over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually, there’s no shortage of days to explore the great outdoors.
  5. Quality of Life: Experience a higher quality of life in Kamloops, where the pace is relaxed, and the stress is minimal. Enjoy shorter commutes, cleaner air, and a healthier work-life balance. Whether you’re raising a family, pursuing your career, or enjoying retirement, Kamloops offers a peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle.

Ready to make the move? Discover why so many Lower Mainland residents are choosing Kamloops as their new home sweet home!

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Investing in Kamloops Real Estate: Changes to the BC Strata Property Act

Buyers are investing in Kamloops residential properties as rentals. This has been going on for many years. The BC Government recently changed the rules for strata properties in BC. They removed the age and rental restrictions from the bylaws by changing the Strata Property Act.

In Kamloops we have a number of very desirable strata developments that investors often want to consider as a purchase. These properties have always been off limits to those buyers due to the rental restrictions in place. With the recent changes to the Strata Property Act this allows investors to consider nearly all strata developments in the Kamloops area. There are a lot of great properties that would make great investments and homes for tenants. We have a very low inventory of rentals in many areas of Kamloops so hopefully this will open up more options for those renters looking for a place to call home. 

Below is a list of several strata developments in Kamloops that previously had a rental restriction and are seen as a great place to invest due to their price point. Keep in mind that this does not apply to those properties that are age restricted to 55+ and this also doesn’t open properties up to short term rentals such as Air BnB or VRBO.

South Shore Strata Development Properties with Previous Rental Restrictions


411 Aberdeen Drive: Forest Hills. This complex consists of split-level walk up designed homes which back on to a green belt and two storey style homes. They range in size from just over 1,300 square feet to around 2,100 square feet. The complex was built in 2006/2007.

1970 Braeview Drive: Braeview Place. This complex was built between 2005-2008. They are nicely oriented walk-up style homes with single or double garages. These homes makes great rentals as they are very efficient living with no yard maintenance at all. Located minutes to Aberdeen Mall and transportation.

1990 Pacific Way: Pacific Ridge. This strata development sits alongside Pacific Way just minutes from the main Aberdeen/Dufferin shopping district. The units range in size from around 1,000 square feet to over 2,000. The strata is divided into two sections, the older section built in the mid 1990’s and the newer section built around 2008.

1155 Hugh Allan Drive: Glendevon. Built in the 1980’s these townhomes have nice architectural features in their layouts. They all have a carport for covered parking and are centrally located to transportation and shopping.

1160 & 1170 Hugh Allan: Highland Vistas. This condo development has nice units that are often two bedrooms and one bathroom. They are not huge units making them great for rental properties due to the size. They are located close to transportation making it easy for students or seniors to get around. 

1120 Hugh Allan: Highland Ridge. The majority of the units in this condo development have sweeping views of the city of Kamloops and the North and South Thompson Rivers. These units range in size from one bedroom units to larger two bedroom, two bathroom condos.

To view all homes for sale in Aberdeen click here


1570 Freshfield Drive: Summit Gardens. Located across the street from 1605 Summit Drive this strata development was built in the mid 1970’s however the units are larger than the Summit Drive units. The development has had a number of upgrades to the outside and a lot of owners have updated the inside of units.

1750 McKinley Court: McKinley Gardens. This strata townhouse development, built in the early 1990’s is nearly identical to the one located at 1775 McKinley Court. The units are a nice size, often over 1,500 square feet and all include a single car garage. There is a two-storey layout and level entry rancher layout in this development.

481 Monarch Court: Monarch Villas. Built in the late 1990’s Monarch Villas are nestled close to an elementary school, trails, and transportation. They are similar in size to the McKinley units but are just a bit newer.

1469 Springhill Drive: Springhill Gardens. These units were built in the early 1970’s and are very close to the Springhill/Summit intersection allowing for easy access to transportation and shopping. These townhomes all include covered parking and a bonus inground pool for those summer months.

1810 Springhill Drive: Gleneagles Manor. These units built in the early 1980’s have had a number of upgrades over the past few years (2020’s). Most units are the walk-up style however there are a few two-storey styled units. They are steps from the public bus stop and not far from city amenities.

1605 Summit Drive: Riverview Village. This strata development was built in the mid 1970’s. The units tend to be a bit smaller than those on Springhill, McKinley and Freshfield however they are often 2-3 bedrooms and are even 4-bedrooms in some cases. Located steps from the public bus stop and walking distance to TRU and shopping.

To view all homes for sale in Sahali click here.

South Kamloops, Downtown Kamloops

629 Lansdowne Street: Riviera Gardens. Located across the street from Lansdowne Village and the public bus loop this condo development is in a great location for those that want quick access to downtown amenities. The units range in size from a one to two bedroom unit. They all have secure parking.

436 Lorne Street: The Courtyard. 490 Lorne Street: Plaza Suites at the Station. 510 Lorne Street: Station Plaza. These condo buildings are all very similar. Located close to downtown amenities they all feature nice sized units ranging from one bedroom to larger two bedroom, two bathroom units. They often make a great home for those who are a bit older and want to be close to the hospital and downtown amenities.

900/950/970 Lorne Street: Park Place. This sought-after strata condo and townhouse development is one of the few in Kamloops with a number of amenities such as an indoor pool and hot tub, fitness room, meeting room/party room, sauna, dock on the river, workshop and more. The gardens are often very beautiful at Park Place and each unit has at least one underground parking stall.

683 Victoria Street: Monarch Place. This condo development is located close to downtown amenities with the majority of downtown shopping and transportation within a block or two of the development. The units have secure parking, and they are all above commercial space making them secure.

To view all homes for sale in South Kamloops Downtown click here.


1980 Glenwood: Glenwood Gardens. Located across the street from the newly renovated and built Valleyview Secondary School and minutes to the local elementary school. This development is great for families. It includes covered carport parking and an outdoor pool.

To view all homes for sale in Valleyview click here.

North Shore/North Side of Kamloops

Brocklehurst (Brock)

1697 Greenfield Ave: Glenwood Townhouses. These homes are located in a quiet Brock neighborhood and feature a smaller footprint with fenced yards and carports. Each unit is just over 1,000 square feet and are two and three bedrooms.

800 Southill Drive: Southill Gardens. The units in this development range from two bedrooms to four bedrooms. Each unit has 3 levels of living space. They all have small yards and a single carport. They are located steps to transportation and the Brock Shopping Center.

800 Valhalla Drive: Valhalla Place. These townhome units are known for their nice sized square footage and fenced yards. They offer good space for those who reside in them. Located steps to transportation and an elementary school. They are also walking distance to the North Shore shopping district.

To view all homes for sale in Brock click here.

North Kamloops (North Shore)

249 Kitchener Cres: Shoreline Place. This strata development is located beside the Rivers Trail and beach volleyball courts. There is easy access to the river year-round, steps to transportation and minutes to downtown Kamloops. This strata complex also includes an outdoor inground pool.

To view all homes for sale in North Kamloops North Shore click here.

There are a number of other properties throughout Kamloops that are suitable for an investor or buyer. A lot of these properties did not have rental restriction in place before the BC Strata Property Act amendment.

There are a lot of investors and buyers looking to purchase in around Thompson Rivers University (TRU). There are some great options in that area that range in age, size and location.

If you would like more information about all of the properties for sale contact us.

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5 Tips for Buying in the Kamloops Buyers Market.

Did you know that the Kamloops real estate market is trending towards a Buyers’ market! This is what we hear from the British Columbia Real Estate Association whose October 2022 statistics release states that provincially we are in a balanced market with some regional variations pushing into Buyers’ market territory.

MLS Residential Market Conditions BC 2022 BCREA Kamloops Real Estate

Provincially sales were down 45.8% year over year with active listings up 40.5% across the province.

It is a great time to buy, prices are coming down, there are a lot of homes to choose from and some sellers are getting more anxious to sell their homes. On the other hand, there is the belief that it may not be a good time to buy. Prices may fall further and the interest rates are higher than the historically low levels we saw in recent years. How do you know when the best time is to buy a home in Kamloops? Below there are five things to consider if you are trying to decide if now is the right time to purchase your own Kamloops property.

  1. Timing the BOTTOM is very difficult for many reasons. The timing of the bottom of the market is different in every region. Just because the market has bottomed in one region of BC doesn’t mean that the same is happening here in Kamloops. There are many different factors that go into the state of every market. Waiting for the absolute bottom often causes buyers to miss it and get stuck in the upswing of the market, making purchasing a home more difficult. Buy a home because you need to or because you have found the right one for you, not because you are waiting for the bottom. Often the bottom is only seen in the rear-view mirror.
  2. Often the best places in Kamloops sell FIRST. If you find a home in Kamloops that is perfectly suited to your needs and desires, then buy it! When that perfect home comes along, and you chose to wait it can be scooped up from under you. Often if a home is desirable to you, it is also very desirable to others looking. Buyers must put some value on a home that meets or exceeds their needs that is not a monetary value. Desirable homes in desirable areas in a down market hold their value much better than less desirable homes in less desirable areas. You can check out up to date information here with new listings posted daily.
  3. Find a home you can GROW with. Think long-term when purchasing your Kamloops home. Find a place that you can see yourself in for years to come. The Real Estate market is cyclical with ups and downs. If the market is on the decline now, there is no telling when that will change. We all wish that we had a crystal ball to predict the future, but that just isn’t the case. Over the long-term real estate has proven to be a good investment, so thinking long term will help with your decision.
  4. Use TECHNOLOGY in your Kamloops home search. The internet has a wealth of information on home buying. Realtors have access to private client search databases which can help you research and buy in the Kamloops market. Use the internet to your advantage! Talk to our Team today about setting up a private client search tailored to your specific criteria. Keep track of new listings in the Kamloops area that match your criteria. You also get access to the sale prices of those homes. This makes it very easy to make an informed decision about your Kamloops home purchase. We would be happy to set up your Kamloops real estate search for you!
  5. BUYERS AGENTS are there to help you! Find yourself a good buyers’ agent who will help you search through all the listings in the Kamloops area. A buyers’ agent will find the best suited homes for you. There are other advantages of having your own buyers’ agent including: they arrange appointments for you which work for your schedule, they have local knowledge which can prevent you from unknowingly making a bad purchase, they keep you up to date on current Kamloops market conditions, prepare a comparative market analysis on any home you may be interested in purchasing, and finally negotiate a favorable contract. Most people are not well versed on contract negotiation and buying real estate, having an agent on your side is always beneficial. Don’t forget, the best part about having your own representation is it is FREE! We have a number of Buyers’ Agents to choose from. It is great to work with someone you trust and enjoy spending time with. Read about our Agents here.

There are many factors that go into your decision to purchase a home in Kamloops. Buyers have their own personal reason for purchasing and you can’t time the market. Become an informed buyer, help yourself in this dynamic market. Remember, knowledge is power!

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