Low Interest Rates + More Negotiating Power = More Affordable Real Estate!

What usually happens, as interest rates decline, real estate buying power increases. Currently interest rates are at the lowest they have been in years. The lower interest rates coupled with the current buyer’s market makes buying a home more appealing. Buyers find that when the interest rates are very low, they qualify for more of a loan than when rates are high.

This shift in the market has created a great opportunity for first time home buyers, buyers and renters looking to get back into the Kamloops market. The savings on home buying are in both the purchase price of the home and interest charges. Buyers are able to negotiate more aggressively on a contract now than years in the past. I have found that lately more first time home buyers have begun their search for the first time. Buyers who are also looking to get back into the market or have been renting for a number of years are also beginning to see the value in the lower home prices and low interest rates. Homes in Kamloops are finally beginning to be priced in a range where buyers can justify purchasing a home. Plus, for first time home buyers, they receive further savings because first time home buyers don’t have to pay property transfer tax.

All these factors make buying your first home, getting back into the real estate market, moving up to a larger home or downsizing your home more of a reality!