The City Of Kamloops Is Finding Ways To Keep Home Owners Moving On Renovations

Kamloops Home Renovations“Getting Down To Business. Mayor and business groups continue meeting to find ways to keep the city moving.”  Written by Jeremy Deutsch of The Kamloops Daily News.  Here is a portion of the story about home renovations and the changes Kamloops City Permits Office has made to the approval process.

A second meeting of the business minds in Kamloops has led to changes in the city’s permit process. The city is working to shorten the time it takes to hand out a permit for small interior renovations to one day. In a typical renovation situation, the applicant submits the appropriate forms, but it can take up to a week to get approval by the time the building department looks at the site.

Under the new system. The applicant will go to the city with a detailed plan for the renovations An inspector will go through the plan then give it an initial OK. The renovations can begin immediately, with a building inspector giving the final OK after inspecting the site once the work is done.

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) Central Interior saw the delay as a major issue for it’s members, saying that a lot of people get discouraged from taking on renovations when they have to wait for approval.  They suggested the longer the wait, the greater the prospect of the builder losing a job.