Kamloops Home Inspections: Fire Escape Emergency Plan And Your Family’s Safety

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Parker Bennett Home Inspector Many Kamloops parents probably wouldn’t think of pulling out of the driveway with the kids unbuckled or letting their four year old take a bike ride without a helmet. As a parent you want to prepare your kids to be as safe as possible, but have you planned to get them out alive in the event of an emergency?

The truth is last year Firefighters in Canada were called to over 50,000 residential fires and a recent study revealed that 70% of Canadians have not yet put together a fire escape plan. Are we really giving our kids a chance in the event of a fire without some basic information about what to do in the case of an emergency?

In addition to properly working smoke alarms, the best defense against a fire is a well-rehearsed, escape plan. Having your family ready for a fire can save precious seconds in the event of a real emergency.

Practice Makes Perfect
A fire escape plan should be designed and practiced twice a year. Make the drill fun for the family by practicing with time trials, there’s nothing like a little competitive spirit to drive the efficiency of your escape plan.
The Canada Safety Council recommends these steps to prepare for a family fire drill:
Kamloops Home Fire Plan Escape •    Draw a floor plan of your house.
•    Mark two ways out of each room.
•    Establish a meeting place outside the house.
•    Be sure each family member has the plan and knows the escape route.
•    Post your fire escape plan on the fridge or family bulletin board.
•    Hold a fire drill for your family once or twice a year. Vary the drills, to      practice escaping from different fire sources.
•    Make sure your baby-sitter understands your fire escape plan.
•    Everyone should know NOT to re-enter the home.

All Kamloops homeowners should take the time to check all smoke detectors and design an escape plan to get out alive. Test your kids from time to time with an emergency fire drill and keep everyone up to date with the plan to get out alive.

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