Tranquille Concept Drops Golf Course; Public Hearing Slated for Future, Kamloops Daily News

This article appeared in the Kamloops Daily News on May 15th, 2012 and was written by Cam Fortems.

A revised plan for Tranquille on the Lake will go to public hearing following initial approval from Kamloops council Tuesday.

One of the key proposed changes at Tranquille is deletion of a proposed golf course.

Detailed changes to the concept require an amendment to the city’s official community plan.

The proposed residential subdivision will be zoned for 1,000 to 2000 units of housing. Seventy-six per cent will be green or open space and it will feature a city park and boat launch.

Developers are promoting farming on traditional lands that will co-exist with housing. The proposed subdivision at the east end of Kamloops Lake — a former tuberculosis sanitarium and home for people with developmental disabilities — will have its own water and sewer services.

It will feature an overall theme of sustainability.

“When Tranquille, back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, was in its heyday, it was a sustainable community,” said City community development manager Randy Lambright, noting it was home to a farm, slaughterhouse and had its own water and sewer system.

“They’re attempting to go back to those roots.”

Promoters are opening a farmers’ market at Tranquille this month.

No date is set for the public hearing on the proposed amendment to the official community plan.

“Over time we may have to think of things like adding transit,” Lambright said in response to a question by Coun. Arjun Singh, who expressed concern about single-occupant car trips.

More than 150 people attended recent open house meeting by proponents B.C. Wilderness Tours.

Developers are seeking changes to permit development but have no near-term plans for construction due to the wider economic conditions.