Sell Your Home: Why You Should Pay A Good Commission To A Kamloops Buyers’ Agent

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Today’s real estate market in Kamloops is very competitive. There are a number of homes for sale that are very similar in characteristics and also in price. There are a few factors that affect the sale of homes that are similar. Simple, obvious things such as curb appeal, interior design and upkeep, clutter, scents, accessability, etc, are all issues to be aware of when selling a home. There is one underlying, very important home selling technique that is often overlooked by sellers and ultimately puts their home at a significant disadvantage. This factor is the commission a seller offers the buyers’ agent (or Realtor representing a buyer) in order to bring a qualified buyer to purchase their home.

It is a fact that Realtors work with the most qualified buyers. These buyers have often already been pre-approved for a mortgage and are ready to make an offer on a property in the near future. By offering a less competitive commission to the buyers’ agent, you are not motivating Realtors to come bring their qualified buyers to your home and sell it. The the best way to describe it is, if you went to work for a month, and at the end of the month you were told you weren’t going to make 100% of your normally expected pay how would you feel? This is the sentiment out there in the market, especially now that buyers have so many homes to choose from. We are now seeing buyers agent selling bonuses and higher commission rates than have been seen over the past few years. Sellers are beginning to understand that money motivates. Homes that offer less commission to buyers agents are often overlooked. Unfortunately I don’t make the rules, I am just passing on this information for the seller’s benefit. Please don’t make this mistake.

If you are motivated to sell your home ensure you do the basic things such as maintaining an attractive curb appeal, keep your home neat and uncluttered, etc. More importantly if you are selling in the Kamloops real estate market, offer a competitive commission to the buyers’ agent, otherwise you are just hurting yourself financially in the long run!

Open House Weekend: February 7th & 8th, Kamloops & Logan Lake

Open House Events This Weekend: North Shore, Kamloops and Logan Lake

Saturday February 7th: 12:00pm-1:00pm

1073 Selkirk Ave, North Kamloops1078 Selkirk Ave, North Kamloops, $269,900

3 bedroom rancher in North Kamloops. Large kitchen with eating nook. Numerous updates include furnace, central air, windows, siding, hot water tank, paint, newer floors and updated bathroom to name a few. Fully fenced on a corner lot.

Saturday February 7th: 1:30pm-2:30pm

Real Estate For Sale: 24-1836 Greenfield Ave, Kamloops24-1836 Greenfield Ave, Brocklehurst $319,000

2 year old home with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Very spacious with room to grow. Fully finished basement with family room. Quiet neighbourhood and close to schools.

Sunday February 8th, 12:00pm-2:00pm

Real Estate For Sale: 419 Opal Drive, Logan Lake419 Opal Drive, Logan Lake $229,900

3+1 Bedroom + den cathedral entry home in Logan Lake. 2 full bathrooms. 1 car garage. Numerous reno’s done recently including kitchen, new light fixtures, flooring, UV windows, bathroom. Open floor plan on the main. Large bath tub in main floor bathroom. Large sun deck in the back and storage shed in yard.

Low Interest Rates + More Negotiating Power = More Affordable Real Estate!

What usually happens, as interest rates decline, real estate buying power increases. Currently interest rates are at the lowest they have been in years. The lower interest rates coupled with the current buyer’s market makes buying a home more appealing. Buyers find that when the interest rates are very low, they qualify for more of a loan than when rates are high.

This shift in the market has created a great opportunity for first time home buyers, buyers and renters looking to get back into the Kamloops market. The savings on home buying are in both the purchase price of the home and interest charges. Buyers are able to negotiate more aggressively on a contract now than years in the past. I have found that lately more first time home buyers have begun their search for the first time. Buyers who are also looking to get back into the market or have been renting for a number of years are also beginning to see the value in the lower home prices and low interest rates. Homes in Kamloops are finally beginning to be priced in a range where buyers can justify purchasing a home. Plus, for first time home buyers, they receive further savings because first time home buyers don’t have to pay property transfer tax.

All these factors make buying your first home, getting back into the real estate market, moving up to a larger home or downsizing your home more of a reality!

B.C. Real Estate Association Market At A Glance

Kamloops Real Estate: 2008 YTD MLS Transactions by Board (small boards) Here are some charts that the B.C. Real Estate Association has released. I personally find it helpful to see statistics as an image or chart, sometimes just numbers are not enough. The first chart is a comparison of all the smaller boards throughout B.C.  Kamloops is one of the mid-sized boards among the smaller markets. As you will see in this chart, the Kootenays, Kamloops and Chilliwack appear to be very similar in the amount of activity for MLS listing sales. You can click on the image to enlarge it.

Kamloops Real Estate: Housing Market MLS Listing ActivityThis next set of 4 graphs shows the direction of the market. From left to right the graphs read Kamloops Residential Market Conditions, Kamloops Quarterly Residential Price, Kamloops Months of Residential Supply and finally bottom right Kamloops Residential Unit Sales. It is interesting to see the sales to active listings ratio in the first graph and how the lines flipped to the downside suddenly. I think that this flip took a lot of people by surprise. The bottom left chart shows the strong buyers market that we are in and how it shot up mid to late 2008.
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